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Birsha Munda International Public School

Brisha Munda International Public School (BMIPS) is a renowned educational institution dedicated to providing holistic education to students. Located in India, BMIPS stands out for its commitment to academic excellence, character development, and co-curricular activities.


Birsha Munda International Public School Deotalab for Boys and Girls. It was established in 2017 by the Shivjyoti Shiksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti. The aim of the school is to impart to its pupils ,  moral intellectual and physical education with a good and efficient discipline in order to prepare them for the battle of life i.e. Education for life. From its inception the school has held its place as one of the premier educational institutions of around Mauganj. It has  a staff of trained and competent teachers who conduct all through the medium of English. Physical training, sports and games, social events, cultural activities other co-curricular activities are given adequate place in the childrens education to make them disciplined and good citizens. Moral education taught to all children aims at including right values and attitudes in them. The school is committed to value based education with an aim to improve the quality of life of students shaping them up into complete human beings. Keeping in tune with modern time’s Environmental education, e-leaning, computer aided learning and interactive methods of learning have been introduced to make teaching and learning activity easy and attractive.



At BMIPS, we prioritize academic rigor and innovation, aiming to instill a lifelong passion for learning in our students. With a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet global standards, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty, we empower students to excel academically and intellectually.
Beyond academics, BMIPS is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals with strong moral and ethical values. Through various character-building initiatives, including community service projects, leadership programs, and value-based education, we strive to instill integrity, compassion, and resilience in our students.
Recognizing the importance of holistic development, BMIPS offers a wide array of co-curricular activities to complement academic learning. From sports and performing arts to debate clubs and environmental initiatives, our school provides ample opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop their talents, and foster teamwork and leadership skills.


At BMIPS, we are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that lays a strong foundation for students' academic and personal growth.



At Birsha Munda International Public School (BMIPS), we take pride in celebrating the achievements of our students and faculty members. Here are some highlights of our accomplishments


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